Like a security blanket for your home.

  • Monitor for burglary, fire and medical emergencies.
  • Early detection of the dangers of freezing water lines and gas leaks.
  • Honeywell certified service technicians are available for prompt service.

Operates around the way you live.

  • Custom configured for your home.
  • Unique “Security Modes” let you select protection options instantly.
  • Provide “Special Protection” for dedicated areas of your home, like a home of fire.

Designed for today’s needs.

  • Easy-to-read plain English display.
  • Easy to use even for younger family members.
  • Built-in “Smart Help” system guides you through options.
  • Special features help eliminate false alarms.

Ready for complete home automation.

Imagine a home that knows you and takes care of you throughout the day. You can quickly and conveniently set your home’s security, temperature and lighting when you leave for the day. Lights are turned on or off and the inside temperature adjusted before you get home.

Sound good? It’s just a taste of what home automation can do for you. With the Honeywell 7000 you can add these home automation features whenever you like.