Smart Help Built-in “Help” system lets you learn as you’re using the system.
Easy To Read Two-line visual display tells you in words what’s happening with your system making it easy
to use and operate.
Alarm Sounder Sounds an alarm to ward off intruders or warn you of other emergencies.
Automatic Backlighting Panel lights up immediately with a touch or in an alarm condition.
“Options” button Lets you adapt system to your changing security requirements.
Security Modes Let you design the type and level of protection. For example, less protection for a quick trip to the store and maximum protection during vacations.
Special protection Allows you to independently secure special areas of your home such as a home office or
a pool.
Help Buttons Summon help instantly with specific buttons for fire, police and other emergencies such as
medical assistance.
Back-up Power Battery back-up runs system and retains information during power outages.

Options: Portable keypads and emergency buttons. 24-hour monitoring. Outside Alarm Bell or Siren.

Dependable operation from the number one controls company in the world.


  • Underwriter’s Laboratory approved.
  • California State Fire Marshall approved.