HONEYWELL, INC., Irvine, California
Senior Engineering Fellow, 1993-1996

Analyzed and developed rapid prototype of System 7000, reducing development time by eight person-months. Created System 7000 configuration tool by reusing existing code, allowing company to introduce product on schedule and reduce development costs by 70%.

Software Systems Specialist, 1985-1993

Created requirements for TotalHomeĀ® system and programmer that allowed company to meet development schedule, budget, and target product cost. Developed TotalHomeĀ® home automation simulation system, decreasing development time by one year. Developed Centry access control system, which created a profitable new service.

Principal Software Engineer, 1983-1985

Developed resilient non-stop fault tolerant computer system, allowing operators to monitor five times the number of alarm systems.

Senior Software Engineer, 1980-1983

Led team responsible for subsystem analysis, definition, and implementation.

Programmer, Analyst, 1977-1980

Analyzed, designed, and implemented new software subsystem for existing system, CENTRA-COM.