My name is Mark Walther and these pages will give you some idea of who I am and what I do. My links are to my resume and to literature for two of the systems I’ve built for Honeywell. System 7000 is an advanced home alarm system and TotalHome® became the market leader home automation system when introduced.

Use the menu system above to visit the various areas of my website. Both the top level and sub menu entries are links to new pages.

Also is a link to a quick description of my salt water mini-reef tank but as time goes on I’ll add more.

On the main menu the Genealogy button will take you to the Walther (Schempf) family tree. I’ve updated the genealogy page to use a javascript program to provide interactive access to the genealogy data. This genealogy data was gathered by Robert Walther. Other menu items will take you to the Schempf Coat of Arms and to newspaper articles and the medal award ceremony held for Robert W. Walther.

For great information on Monarch butterflies, and how to raise them and keep them around, along with educational information and activities please visit Glorious Butterfly.

One of my favorite cartoons has a web site.

They are currently showing a cartoon a day from years ago this day at their web site. Stop by and see them.

Link To Calvin & Hobbes